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Either as standalone resources or companion books, these books make an intimidating topic easier to understand.

FAQ - Hazmat Chemistry Books

Can these books be used as textbooks?

Some customers use the Hazmat Chemistry Study Guide as a textbook, although that was not the intent of the book and it's not how I market it. This book was intended as a study guide to supplement existing hazmat chemistry courses. The others are not thorough enough to be used as textbooks, but they provide an excellent review of the main concepts.

Do the books reflect what is taught nationwide?

Classes may vary nationwide, but hazmat chemistry doesn't change. The books provide a solid overview of hazmat chemistry, applicable nationwide.

Which book is best for my needs?

If you are taking a hazmat chemistry class, the Hazmat Chemistry Study Guide is the best book for preparing you for the final exam. If you can correctly answer the sample questions in the study guide, you should do well on your test in class.

The Hazmat Chemistry Mini Review is more concise, making it a great resource for last-minute studying before the test. It was designed with large type and graphics on every page to make for quick reading.

The Hazmat Chemistry Pocket Pal was geared for field use and incorporates the contents of the Hazmat Chemistry Quick Reference Card and the discontinued card Comparing Three Primary Threats at a Hazmat Incident.

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