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The books were designed to be as functional and cost-effective as possible for customers.

Requests for Other Formats

Water-Resistant Paper

Printing these books on water-resistant paper would add significantly to the cost, so that was not a reasonable option.

Tabs for Chapter Dividers

These books have printed tabs that bleed off the edge of the page, so it is easy to find each section. Die-cut tabs would add significantly to the cost.

Spanish Version

These books are not available in Spanish, but I would consider producing Spanish versions for any agency willing to fund the project, including the cost of translation.

Instructor Manuals

There has not been sufficient customer interest to make creating instructor manuals cost-effective.

eBooks and Books on CD

I may put the books on CD someday. However, the limited customer demand and concerns about copyright protection make it the wrong business move now.

The First Responder's Field Guide to Hazmat & Terrorism Emergency Response (2014 Edition) is now available as an eBook through Apple iTunes,, Barnes & Noble, and others.

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