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FAQ - General Sales Questions

How do you ship the books?

I generally ship small orders via U.S. Postal Service priority mail and large orders by UPS. But this can vary, depending on cost and convenience.

How long does it take to get the books after I place an order?

Books sent by priority mail should arrive in two to three days. Books sent by UPS may take a day or two in California and neighboring states; they can take seven to ten days to get to the East Coast.

If your timing is critical (e.g., books are needed in time for a class), please try to order two to three weeks in advance. I'm self-employed and have no one to back me up when I'm out of town or tied up in classes.

What are your hours of operation?

I am currently managing Firebelle Productions part-time while working as a paralegal for the Abronson Law Offices. So generally, the best way to reach me on the weekdays is by email. I monitor email during the day and can call customers if needed.

I generally process orders after hours or on the weekends and ship products the next day.

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