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All three of these books can help you improve your writing skills.

FAQ - Writing Books (Other Questions)

How can these books help me do better on promotional exams?

Most promotional exams are designed to evaluate writing skills, so anything you do to improve your writing can help you do better on promotional exams.

Are there student workbooks or instructor manuals for any of these books?

Crimes Against the English Language has worksheets that cover many of the topics in Take Command of Your Writing. There are no other student workbooks or instructor manuals.

Why are the books geared for limited audiences?

When I was a firefighter, I wrote Take Command of Your Writing and Crimes Against the English Language for my "extended family" of emergency responders. Now I'm a paralegal, so I wrote The Test Writer's Guide to Crafting Good Questions for my old family of emergency responders and my new family of legal professionals. Future editions of all books will be geared for a broader audience.

Do you teach classes on more effective writing?

Yes. I have taught a variety of classes, ranging from 2 hours to 8 hours. For more information, contact Firebelle Productions.

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