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Hazmat Chemistry Books

Hazmat Chemistry Study Guide (List Price: $29.95)

This study guide reviews information covered in many hazmat chemistry classes nationwide. Each concept is covered in an average of three or four pages, then is followed by a series of mostly multiple-choice review questions similar to what students can expect to see on their final exams. Students who can easily answer the hundreds of sample test questions in this study guide should do well on the final exam in class. The book is divided into eight chapters:

• Preparing for the Final Exam
• Terms and Definitions
• Elements and Compounds
• Salts
• Hydrocarbons and Related Compounds
• Hazmat Chemistry According to the DOT Hazard Classes
• Hazmat Chemistry in Some Real World Applications
• Answers to Review Questions

Get the Hazmat Chemistry Quick Reference Card (Second Edition) free with the Hazmat Chemistry Study Guide when you order through Firebelle Productions.

The Hazmat Chemistry Mini Review (List Price: $14.95)
The Hazmat Chemistry Pocket Pal (List Price: $14.95)

Either of these books is a valuable companion to the Hazmat Chemistry Study Guide. The most important concepts are summarized in small format that makes for quick reading.

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