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Hazmat & Terrorism Field Guide

The First Responder's Field Guide to Hazmat & Terrorism Emergency Response (2023 Edition)
(List Price: $54.95)

This handy field guide puts the contents of both hazmat and terrorism operational level courses at your fingertips when you need it most ... at an incident. It covers most of the first responder competencies identified in NFPA 470, with guidelines to help you recognize and safely manage any hazmat incident or WMD event. No other hazmat/WMD field guide is as well-organized, comprehensive, and easy to use both in the field and in the classroom. The book is organized into 14 chapters:

• Quick Reference Guide
• Recognizing and Responding to a Hazmat/WMD Incident
• Labels, Placards, and Other Marking Systems
• Container Recognition
• Assessing the Hazards
• Medical Management of Hazmat Exposures
• Introduction to Terrorism
• Explosives Incidents
• Chemical Warfare Agents
• Biological Warfare Agents
• Nuclear Events
• Tactical Considerations
• Additional Considerations
• Resources for Information and Assistance

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