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Hazmat & WMD Awareness Guide

Hazardous Materials and WMDs: A Field Guide for
Awareness Level Personnel (2008 Edition)

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This condensed version of The First Responder's Field Guide to Hazmat & Terrorism Emergency Response is geared for awareness level personnel. Awareness level personnel are those persons who, in the course of their normal duties, could encounter an emergency involving hazardous materials or WMDs. They are expected to recognize the presence of hazardous materials or WMDs, protect themselves, call for trained personnel, and secure the area.

Although, by definition, awareness level personnel have a very limited role, many people at the awareness level are part of the overall emergency response network. So this book is structured to meet their needs as well.

• The Basics
• Beyond the Basics
• Labels, Placards, and Other Marking Systems
• Container Recognition
• Assessing the Hazards
• Medical Management of Hazmat Exposures
• Introduction to Terrorism
• Explosives Incidents
• Chemical Warfare Agents
• Biological Warfare Agents
• Nuclear Events
• Resources for Information and Assistance

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