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Radiation Incidents Pocket Guide

The First Responder's Pocket Guide to Radiation Incidents
(List Price: $14.95)

At last, emergency responders have a resource that pulls the most critical information about handling radiation incidents into a pocket-size field guide.

Incidents involving life-threatening levels of radiation are rare. Yet many people are disproportionately afraid of radiation incidents because they've received so little training. This book covers most of what first responders need to know while waiting for assistance from subject matter experts. The information is organized into ten chapters:

• Introduction to Radiation
• Exposure Limits and Units of Measure
• Labels, Placards, and Packages
• Health Effects of Radiation Exposure
• Decontamination and Patient Care
• Time, Distance, and Shielding
• Introduction to Radiation Monitoring
• Radiation and Terrorism
• Nuclear Power Plant Accidents
• Radiation Incident Management

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